Blog by LEARNTOR-Overcoming Challenges: How LEARNTOR is Transforming the African Tech Education Landscape BY Mercy George-Igbafe

As a female-led tech founder in a male-dominated sector, I have had to work twice as hard compared to my competitor with limited funding, coupled with inflation and the negative impact of COVID-19.

Despite these challenges, we have remained resilient and determined to achieve our goal of educating, equipping, and enlisting 10,000 African Tech Talent by 2025. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as we have successfully trained 2380+ learners of which 75% are women and new to tech with great feedback 


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs


We are grateful for the seed capital and accelerator program by The Tony Elemu Foundation, Womenprenuer Pitchathon by Access Bank supported by IFC, Seedstar by Safeem, and Startup Wiseguys pre-accelerator.The accelerators gave us funding to grow LEARNTOR and access to valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, facilitating LEARNTOR international partnerships listed below

  • Scrumorg is the home of professional Scrum Masters partnering with LEARNTOR has made the barrier to entry for new agilist easy.
  • Taskilled partnership is creating the possibility for our learners to gain practical work experience with a European Job internship
  • Utmost appreciation for our professional trainers for their immense contribution and impact on our learners.

“Education is the key to unlocking the potential of Africa’s tech talent. We must equip them with the skills they need to excel in the digital age.” – Mercy George-Igbafe

Breaking Barriers: A Female-Led Tech Founder's Journey to Educating, Equipping, and Enlisting 10,000 African Tech Talent in Agile & Data Skills
LEARNTOR’s goal is to educate, Equip and Enlist 10,000 African Tech Talent in Agile & Data Skills

As we continue to develop and expand our platform, we are committed to educating, equipping and enlisting African Tech Talent through our program offerings:

Track I – Agile digital Transformational learning

  • Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Business Analysis
  • Project management Office (PMO)
  • Agile Scrum
  • Design Thinking
  • Professional Scrum Master Certification
  • European Internship Placement

“Agile and data skills are the foundation of the 21st century tech industry. By teaching these skills to 10,000 African tech talent, we are investing in the future of our continent.” – Mercy George-Igbaf

Data Track II – Data Analytics

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • European Internship Placement
  • CV Review & Mock Interview
Breaking Barriers: A Female-Led Tech Founder's Journey to Educating, Equipping, and Enlisting 10,000 African Tech Talent in Agile & Data Skills

At LEARNTOR, we are dedicated to providing our learners with relevant digital education and the skills they need to become the next generation of tech leaders in Africa and Europe even with zero tech skills.

Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back from your dream career. Sign up for LEARNTOR Cohort VI and take the first step towards a rewarding and in-demand career in tech. As the famous African-American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Did you know only 1 in 70 Africans have tech skills? Yet, according to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), sub-Saharan Africa will need 230 million tech professionals by 2030. That’s why we’re excited to announce LEARNTOR Cohort VI, designed specifically for tech newbies or career transitioners with zero tech skills.

Breaking barriers is not just about overcoming obstacles, it's about creating new opportunities and forging a path for others to follow.
Without our Professional trainers – LEARNTOR would have been unable to impact African Tech Talent

Hence, we are calling on all tech enthusiasts to join us on this journey, which provides the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the tech industry. Apply to LEARNTOR cohort VI and let’s work together to achieve our goal of educating, equipping, and enlisting 10,000 African and European tech talent by 2025. Together, we can change the face of tech education in Africa and create a brighter future for all.

Learn more about our program and apply today on LEARNTOR website or call us via WhatsApp

Important Update: LEARNTOR MEETUP

Fantastic news! We host weekly meetups every Thursday, where we invite tech leaders and professionals to share their expertise with our community. Various topics, ranging from Agile, Scrum, Business Analysis, PMO, Professional Scrum Masters Certification, Data Analytics, Python, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI are covered.

By offering our community insightful and empowering knowledge from tech industry professionals, we hope to have a positive impact on and empower our community.

About the Founder

Mercy George-Igbafe is an award winning Tech evangelist, agile coach with impeccable analytical skills with proficiency in Data Analytics, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Business Analysis, Project Management and Digital Marketing. Founder of LEARNTOR, African Tech Doctor committed to develop 10,000 Tech Talent by 2025, so far we have digitally upskilled & reskilled 2380+ Nigerian and 75% are women with strategic partnership with Scrumorg, USA and TaSkilled Europe. Beneficiary of Tony Elumelu Foundation, W Initiative by Access Bank, Seedstar by European Union and Startup Wise Guys Startup Europe. Nominated to Represent the African Development bank in Japanese bilateral panel discussion on entrepreneurship.

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